Pickled Eggs

The pickled egg has been around for hundreds of years, but spicy pickled eggs have only been around since those Cajun guys settled in the Louisiana Purchase and found a better way to do it. If you are looking for where to buy pickled eggs, we’re so glad you stopped by because we have the best pickled eggs for sale on the great big Internet. We have Cajun pickled eggs, pickled hard boiled eggs, and pickled quail eggs. Use to be that you pickled an egg to make it last months without a fridge. These eggs were not necessarily made to taste good - there was a more practical need - survival. Now that we have a fridge (or two) in every home, the need moves to something more important - taste! We carry Matt & Dana’s red and clear pickled eggs straight from Louisiana's Cajun Country. We also carry Big John’s Pickled Eggs from Red Smith Foods out of South Florida.  We have two great sources for spicy quail eggs from the great state of Mississippi (Twisted Pine Farms) and the heart of Louisiana (Matt & Dana).