Pickled Pork Hocks

Pork hocks or pickled pork knuckles...  Whatever you call them - we have the best available.  These pickled pork hock are guaranteed to satisfy.  If you've never had pickled hocks before, they are the fattier pickled snack available, as opposed to the leaner feet or lips.  The pork knuckle is a meaty and fatty pickled snack.  It really is pickled pork meat.  The gallon containers have full "bone-in" hocks and the quart size has no bones and the pieces have to be small enough to fit into the quart jar opening and contains pieces of both the meat and fatty parts.  We don't recommend refrigerating your hocks since the fat tends to congeal on the top of the container.  If ordering in cold weather we recommend placing the container in hot water for a little while to release the congealed parts back into the pickling solution.

We know the Cajun in you is ready to take on these excellent pickled hocks.  Order today in confidence and soon these little babies will be knocking on your door...