Pickled Sausage

A gentleman told us the other day, "Your pickled sausages are like vitamins - I take one every day!"  

Pickled sausage is our specialty and we have several choices for you!  You can get your spicy pickled sausages from Louisiana's Cajun Country or from South Florida's Alligator Alley.  Farm Fresh Food Supplier's Matt & Dana Pickled Smoked Sausages are prepared in Amite, Louisiana with a 3rd generation family recipe.  Big John's pickled sausages are made by the Smith family in South Florida and we can honestly say you will not find a better spicy pickled sausage around.  Both families make Cajun pickled snacks at their best.

We ship to bars and gas stations, the cozy corner cafe, and guys and gals alike that have been searching long and hard for a good pickled sausage.  We have several to choose from and chances are you'll find one you really love in our store.

If you're looking for where to buy pickled sausage, you will not find a better selection on the Internet.  Order in confidence and you'll be coming back for more of these great Cajun Delicacies!