Bread & Butter Pickled Quail Eggs - Pint

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These bread and butter pickled quail eggs are the very definition of southern cuisine.  The concept comes from the pickle sandwich of old.  A seemingly odd combination of salty and a hint of sweet with the smoothness of creamy butter.  This recipe for pickled quail eggs is a closely held secret and has raised the question many times, "How did they do that?"  It's a perfect combination of spices that makes this jar of pickled quail eggs a wonder to the taste buds. These little quail eggs are hand picked and prepared for your enjoyment on the expansive Twisted Pines Quail Farm in Wiggins, Mississippi deep in the heart of Cajun Country.  If you are looking for where to buy pickled quail eggs, you've found the perfect place!  Make sure you get enough to last through the addiction!  You have found the best selection of pickled quail eggs on the web with a special quail egg recipe. These pickled quail eggs are simply delicious...  Get yours today!

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