Big John's Pickled Sausage - 4 Gallons - Case - 16 lbs

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You've been looking for the perfect blend of spice and flavor in a pickled sausage and the search has been arduous... We know... We've been there. You're looking at Red Smith's best selling sausage. We're not sure who Big John is, but he makes a great sausage! Interesting to us is how the first thing that hits you is the flavor and great texture. As one of our customers put it, "It's not too hot and it's not too mild." This sausage doesn't have a strong vinegar taste or smell. It has a firm texture and a thin casing that snaps when you bite it. Not sure how he does it but that must be the reason why Big John lent his name to the label. The sausage comes in the 1/2 gallon and a gallon container.  Both containers carry the full length version sausage with approximately 27 sausages in the gallon container and half that in the 1/2 gallon. These sausages have a thin casing, a firm texture, and are on the light side of spicy. Note: Big John sausages have a casing and 'snap' when you bite them. If you want a sausage with no casing, please check out the Matt & Dana sausages or the Big John's Pickled Red Hots.  If you are looking for where to buy Pickled Sausage, you've found the place.  CASE OF 4

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