Stuart's Cajun Dill Mix - Quart

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We stumbled across these one day in Gautier, MS and fell in love at the first bite.  They are home made (literally) and cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet except right here.  They are strictly a southern delicacy that is found only in the south.  Each jar is hand made deep in the south.  They aren't too hot handle, but they have a great mix of spices that you won't be figuring out anytime soon and the Stuart's aren't giving up the recipe they have been using for years.  These also make a great gift for those that are truly southern.

The mix has green beans, okra, and pickles and this unique combination causes a unique taste in each item.  This is a very unique product that you will find makes a great gift because it's not only beatifully done - it's got the taste to match!

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