Picnic Bundle

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Picnic Bundle

There's nothing as good as a smoked pickled sausage at a picnic or backyard grilling party.  Your family and friends are going to love the smooth taste of Matt & Dana's Beer Sausage.  The kids will go crazy for the Cajun pickles and with a jar of the Tennessee Sunshine Sauce everyone will enjoy their food even more.  These are our best-sellers all bundled just for you.  Order in confidence - we ship fast!

The Picnic Bundle comes with the following:

  • Matt & Dana American Beer Sausage - one pint jar
  • Matt & Dana Cajun Style Pickled Eggs  - one quart jar
  • Stuart's Cajun Pickles - one quart jar
  • "Try Me" Tennessee Sunshine Hot Sauce - one 5 oz jar

The savings is over $5.00 off our normal pricing!!!  We're not sure how long we can offer this incredible deal so get it while you can!

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