EXPIRED-Big John's Pickled Red Hots - 4 lbs

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********THESE ITEMS "BEST BY" DATE IS 8/30/2019********

Now ole Big John has gone and done something special. This is a pickled red hot sausage with no skin that has been pickled to absolute perfection. If you're looking for a spicy pickled sausage with no casing, firm texture, and great flavor - look no further. Some folks are saying that this is the finest product that has ever come out of Red Smith's plants down in Alligator Alley in South Florida. It is a more spicy sausage than the ever popular Big John's pickled sausage. If you are looking for where to buy pickled red hots, then you have found the place.  We are tickled to be the only source for this fine product on the great big Internet. You'll find 4 pounds of sausages in each gallon container which equals about 28 sausages. Once you open it you'll probably find a lot less after a few minutes. Note: This is a firm pickled red hot sausage with no casing.

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