Bobo's Mild Pickled Quail Eggs - Pint

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Bobo’s Quail Eggs are pickled using just the right amount of spices to create a robust flavor with a very slight late kick.  This pickled quail egg recipe has been passed down through 3 generations and a recipe that good is a true family gem.  The good thing is that the family will share their mild quail eggs with you, but they won't be sharing the recipe anytime soon.  These eggs are a fantastic edition to your backyard BBQ, tailgate party, or snack time anytime.  Bobo’s Mild Quail Eggs are hand selected for perfect size and quality.  Once you try them, one jar will not be enough.  Don't forget to buy an extra pint to give away!  Get yours today - you won't be disappointed.    If you want to add a little heat you can throw in some habeñero or jalapeño peppers to the jar and let the heat sink in a few days.  Come on - let's do it!

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